Career Opportunity: Superintendent

The ideal candidate will manage the entire site team, daily operations, and logistics while keeping open communications with the customer representative on site and all other parties involved. Strong reporting skills are required with knowledge of Microsoft Office programs and email. This individual will ensure adherence to company regulations, safety, and compliance while working closely with their teams to solve problems that arise. This individual will also be comfortable with budgeting, inventory, logistics and forecasting to ensure necessary supplies are on site in a timely manner. This candidate is preferred to have experience in drilling, pile driving operations, and other phases of a solar farm project.



  • Manage daily operations, company employees, and customer relations on site.
  • Create detailed daily reports and communicate continuously with project manager in office.
  • Drive daily operations efficiently with proper forecasting and time management.


  • High School Diploma
  • OSHA – 10 or above
  • Heavy equipment certifications & experience preferred
  • 3+ yrs in management positions
  • 5+ yrs experience in solar industry
  • Time management and communication skills
  • Budgeting and forecasting skills necessary
  • Computer and Microsoft Office expert level
  • Capable of training and open to learning
  • Works well with others
  • Capable of working in harsh weather conditions
  • Able to work away from home for extended amounts of time

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