Solar Pile Testing

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Aura Energy Solar Pile Testing

Our team will perform Static Axial Compressive Pile Load Testing (Push Test), Lateral Pile Load Testing, Axial Uplift Pile Load Testing (Pull Test). Once testing is completed we will deliver a clear and precise report to help you plan accordingly. All in accordance with ASTM-D3689-07.

Pull Testing

Pull-Test Reports give the developer and installer a clearer picture of how expensive it may be to build a solar project on a particular site.

A pull-test will provide important information that will help the client to better refine their system design and optimize material costs. The scope of the pull-test calls for sending a representative sample of steel foundations to the project site and having them installed at various pre-determined embedment depths.

A Pull-Test report should include the following:

  • Foundations recommendations
  • Grading recommendations
  • Paving/Gravel recommendations
  • Excavation recommendations
  • Skin friction values for resisting uplift and bearing forces
  • Soil expansion characteristics
  • Liquefaction potential and recommendations
  • Allowable cut and fill slopes
  • Compaction requirements
  • Seismic site classification and settlement potential
  • Thermal and Electrical Resistivity

The Pull-Test report should also provide recommendations for concrete type or metal finish. 

The testing frequency will be determined by the project site’s acreage and consistency in the land type and classification. Varying types of soils will require additional testing to ensure the most accurate report.


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