Solar Pile Driving

Safety is our priority.

safety is our #1 priority next to the quality of our work

Solar pile driving systems are changing the way ground mount solar systems are installed.

At Aura Energy Services, we maintain the highest standards of safety and professionalism, while taking pride in our people, machinery, and job site. We are dedicated to completing your project efficiently and on time.

Our experienced pile driving team uses specialized, top of the line pile drivers to place racking posts into the ground to reach the required depth, and in most cases, limiting the need to use concrete or other costly foundation support methods. Get it done right the first time and on time with Aura Energy Services.


Pile Driving Equipment

Aura operates with state of the art Mazaka, Vermeer, and  Inossis pile drivers equipped to handle 20+ foot posts. These machines offer the best of all worlds including the latest technical advances, excellent mobility, remote control, & highest Safety Standards.

Solar Screws

Hydraulic Solar Screw drive units will be available for all of Aura’s units. All drive motors have two speed reduction gear boxes.


We utilize laser technology to insure the accuracy of your foundation installation.


Aura’s Safety programs and on-site safety procedures will help ensure that the highest levels of safety are maintained with continued focus to eliminate accidents and injuries on the job site. We develop and implement project specific safety plans for each individual job site.

System Testing

Our team will perform Static Axial Compressive Pile Load Testing (Push Test), Lateral Pile Load Testing, Axial Uplift Pile Load Testing (Pull Test). Once testing is completed we will deliver a clear and precise report to help you plan accordingly. All in accordance with ASTM-D3689-07.

 Learn more about pile testing here.

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