About Us

Aura Energy Services LLC. begins with the understanding that reputation is everything. We are dedicated to excellence, quality and service to you and your project.

Safety is our priority.

safety is our #1 priority next to the quality of our work


Our Vision: We lead by example, while innovating and building a more sustainable world. We envision a bright future built by people from all walks of life, giving purpose and power to all involved— both corporate and individual. 

Our Core Values


Every job requires attentiveness and consistent safety measures to protect our team and to ensure a quality experience from start to finish.


Our diverse and experienced leadership is passionate about making sure the project is not only done well, but also your customer experience is the best of the best.


We value your time, budget and goals. Our equipment is made to handle your project without costly and time consuming methods like using concrete. The job gets done faster and costs less.

Our Mission

We maintain the highest standards of Safety and Professionalism, while taking pride in our people, machinery, and job site. Aura Energy Services completes projects with the utmost in quality and efficiency; while serving EPC’s, General Contractors, Developers and Energy Companies. 

Aura Energy Services LLC. begins with the understanding that reputation is everything and we will execute on the work that is contracted with a team of professionals; leaving behind not just a great job done, but a reputation that is firmly embedded in our customer’s mind.  

Meet The Team

Our diversity is evident within our founding members, we maintain a Woman owned business with a multicultural team.


Patrick Morgan

Patrick Morgan- Mr. Morgan brings operational and leadership experience spanning many years within several business platforms. Patrick has been a successful part of several large-scale Solar projects, in a handful of states. In addition to Aura Energy Services he also consults in a wide range of industries and helps with specific M&A activity as well. He uses his entrepreneurial focus to build not just successful entities but, successful people that operate them. His extensive experience developing and managing innovative solutions, partnerships, Human to Human sales within technology, transportation, Solar, and human resources will serve Aura Energy Services well.

● Highly accomplished sales manager, account manager, and relationship manager.
● Proven track record of overachieving short- and long-term revenue targets.
● Boardroom and executive-level communication skills.
● Natural leader with a focus on building and nurturing a strong team culture.
● Skilled in contract negotiations, sales process MEDDIC, CRM management, M&A activity, and cross-functional team management.


Manuel Molina

Pursuing a career in engineering with the love of math and science, Manuel has passionately founded his last 16+ years in the oil & gas industry claiming his wife and daughter to be vital to his success. Dedicating that time to a mixture of roles centered around drilling fluids, with his trilingual capabilities, he has worked himself into many managerial positions in offices around the globe for large Oil & Gas service companies. He has passionately worked with teams in R&D lab and field environments to create and implement environmentally friendly drilling fluids that would positively change the impact on our natural resources. His love for nature and the environment stems from his childhood growing up along the beautiful banks of the Frio River in Concan, Tx and drives him to this date looking to make a difference in how we power our world and protect our natural habitat. This laid the foundation and inspiration for co-founding multiple companies based in the renewable industry around the world.

Office Manager/Founder

Barbara Molina

Barbara is a natural caregiver with a truly creative mind in combination with an entrepreneurial spirit that moves those around her. In addition to caring for her family including her husband and daughter, Barbara extends her warmth and loving touch to all through her committed friendship and unyielding service to her community. In 1998 at the young age 14-years-old, Barbara began giving back to her community through the Texas Parks and Wildlife education and outreach program, continued serving by offering her talents in an underprivileged community as a volunteer teacher’s assistant where she ensured struggling students would not fall behind, and she even offered her time as a paramedic. She has the great gift of understanding the person she is working with and she uses this talent and consideration of her customer to integrate each unique personality into her creativity to meet their needs in the most successful way possible.

● Experience with regulatory affairs, state and federal licenses.
● Human Resource oversight.
● 10+ years QuickBooks experience.


Angela Durbin

Angela brings a multi-faceted skill set to the team with her diverse cultural background. From growing up in the Philippines to receiving two degrees here in the U.S. and working with nationally ranked healthcare systems, she has mastered the ability to work with a wide range of people in order to accomplish shared goals. As one of the founders of Aura Energy Services, she is committed to building and supporting a team that will execute on the values of this business. She will lead the drive to build a team that is both diverse and empowered to bring about a more sustainable world.

● Strong coaching, influencing, and communication background.
● Analysis and problem-solving skills.
● Multilingual

Senior VP of Strategy

Lee Herge

Administrative Assistant

Heather Black

Our Valued Partners

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